The Cello Swing Extract

Here is an extract from my first ebook ‘The Cello Swing.’ It is written as a series of vignettes and diary entries written in a handmade book from a circus teacher to his reclusive student.

Aimee, my sulky little clown,
Do not think I make a habit of thieving girls diaries, I’ve not much interest in others words. Your bag had fallen off the sofa while you were in the changing room and as I bought this little tome for you I figure I half have permission to add a few words or two. So I am going to write you this, it is a love letter to a cello…
Tonight you played so low, deep with a wooden belly full of echoes. A trapeze hangs low and on it a girl dances. Your sound swells this hollow place and I hold my breath as the trapeze starts to swing. The girl swings upside down where she thinks nobody can see. The bow hits the strings and her fingers scrape the floor.
She told me she won’t dance anymore but you let her swing. Beside you she tries to fly. Under your music I hear something like a laugh, a sob. She swings and dances and we are all lost to her. I watch her finally, longingly dance again.
You will fall silent and she will hang still. I share a glance with the musician as her circus heart soars.
You sound so low, far down. I watched the trapeze girl swing low. I sit still on a high, high trapeze and my love to her falls, so far out of reaching her. I watch her between those ropes of mine and this clown’s heart feels old.
Sleep well tonight, rehearse again tomorrow, and let the crowds come watch you too. X


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