The Year That Was

2013 I read Just Kids, I fell back in love with my teen idol Twiggy Ramirez, reunited with Paralympics crew and danced with the English National Ballet. I was homeless and learnt to dance in pointe shoes in a hostel dorm. I busked on Hungerford bridge, escaped Croydon, built an autoharp and learnt guitar. I wrote a novel. I wrote 10 songs. I didn’t do the Harlem shake or wear a onesie but I did wear latex and fur and listened to the Rolling Stone playing live at sunset. I protectively watched a bird feed it’s chick every dusk until they could fly. I escaped 7 years of squalor in Croydon and my skin disease healed.
I watched. Frankenstein. I cried at Frankenstein. I smiled because of Jeordie White. I danced in rain to Marilyn Manson. I deleted Alex Frith. I did aerial dance above London alone. I got in to uni as a post grad student of Literature.
I don’t know where I’m going but you were all here to share these things with. X


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