Back to The Circus

Today I waded through gales and torrents clutching a hefty sack containing my circus equipment I dug out of a storage container.

How many years of injuries and institutes telling me I couldn’t do aerial dance the way my head concocted, to just play?

Its so lovely now to be able to try and dance with a big black net spinning from the ceiling.

My strength and flexibilty has decreased in heaps. I can’t even lift my own weight anymore but I just see this as another challenge to find choreography I can do.

In 6 weeks I will be part of a circus residency in a London theatre and perform my work in progress.

I have to admit I am a tad worried how I will pull it off discovering how most of what I spent years doing has vanished with the leotards I got too fat for.

Who knew you can get shiny leotards in my size?!

I left the net hanging, slightly because I have a fear of step ladders (climbing on anything not rigged to a ceiling scares me) but thought they might like to have a spin on it.


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