Circus Help Please

I have just done a weeks circus residency and 10 minute solo performance at Jacksons Lane with 9 other companies. I will do a proper blog on soon but in this I am needing some help.

Is there anyone out there that can help with the following as it’s all new to me:

• applying for funding to develop my ideas
•Regular training space that can help me rig a low trapeze and net with plenty of floor space that doesn’t cost heaps or is offered on a pro bono basis?

• How to find a place to perform and get technical assistance

I also would love aerial training with someone who can find new ways for me to invert as I have permanent back probs. please no more of the ‘thou must do beats and pull ups or leave’ brigade. Some way I can get to the top of my net.

I was thinking due to my dodgy physique it would be lovy to do net on a winch so I could get some height without imbs.


Aerial Dance

Tonight was my last tryout on my aerial net before I move it in to Jacksons Lane arts venue for a weeks circus residency.
After years rigged to a swing chair frame in a slummy Croydon bedsit this is like a dream come true. I had pretty much thought that doing aerial dance as Low as I do and eating my body weight in creme eggs on a regular basis made me sort of obsolete in circus circles.

Then I threw pointes shoes in the mix with no prior training and things just got too fun and curious.

First I have to emphasize the risks of being en pointe, especially teaching yourself in a hostel aged 30. But the thing is my ankles and legs have gone through so many silly, agonising injuries, to walk on my toes with my net was the ultimate triumph in my daft mind.

Once you are up it gets quickly addictive. While holding on to the net I can spin en pointe so swiftly. I can take huge strides that aren’t possible without my arms around the netting.

Being inside the net in pointe shoes isn’t so lovely. They slide along where my bare toes used to poke through to stay on.

There is the impending worries that this all looks unwatchable outsie my creativity. I want my script on running from a horrid circus school to be funny and heartfelt not all violins and ‘Xfactor sob story’

I have a song that makes my heart soar, even after being on repeat for hours. It is ‘Riversde’ by Agnes Abel.

Out of Town

The only person to depart the only train. A business man had got off at the previous town the journey scathed with his post-work-pint fidgeting and walrus yawns.

Dinner was replaced with a chapter on Jack Kerouac with a platter of Wyndham Lewis on the dessert tray, stranded half way from London to the waiting ‘stix’. Frustrated over Tarr’s tardiness to get anything done, giggling at Kreisler on his knees, the page is culled of it’s perfect corner as a robotic female bellows of approaches , lugguage and terminations. End of the line. No one else steps out along the glisten of salt to help mind the gap.

The fog and silent streets are almost boastful under orange lights thinking itself no longer a village but a crewless movie set for Jekyll and Hyde. Up the hill of wooden built, monochrome cottages and lisping spring trees my breath is like a steady gale. Even the few cars that drive by seem indistinguishable hulks like a H G Wells invention to patrol the night.

Diffused light and haggard, faint,  music leak from the pub on the corner. An old man’s cough the only proclamation of human life in the creamy-haze of fog.

From the graveyard comes birdsong in black trees scribbled across a violet sky. Their alarm at the hard leather clap of brogues on the pavement sings at the echoes.

Four hundred years the weatherboard house has waited for those returning. Even in this century, this modern, digital age bolts are slid to hold out the night and the flames of a log fire still leap up in welcome like faithful pups at their owners return.

London Hat Weekhats, London, fashion, millinery

Here is just a quick blog to let you know about London Hat Week which is on at the moment until March 12th.
The week features exhibits, workshops, open studios and all things millinery.

Event details are here.

I have 3 mini top hats in the Milliners of Etsy showcase at Atelier Millinery. They are a bit rustic and haphazard and I am hoping not too out of place amongst more couture looking millinery.

The local paper did a news story on them and my circus performances.

I am currently making a mini tricorn in crey wool.