Aerial Dance

Tonight was my last tryout on my aerial net before I move it in to Jacksons Lane arts venue for a weeks circus residency.
After years rigged to a swing chair frame in a slummy Croydon bedsit this is like a dream come true. I had pretty much thought that doing aerial dance as Low as I do and eating my body weight in creme eggs on a regular basis made me sort of obsolete in circus circles.

Then I threw pointes shoes in the mix with no prior training and things just got too fun and curious.

First I have to emphasize the risks of being en pointe, especially teaching yourself in a hostel aged 30. But the thing is my ankles and legs have gone through so many silly, agonising injuries, to walk on my toes with my net was the ultimate triumph in my daft mind.

Once you are up it gets quickly addictive. While holding on to the net I can spin en pointe so swiftly. I can take huge strides that aren’t possible without my arms around the netting.

Being inside the net in pointe shoes isn’t so lovely. They slide along where my bare toes used to poke through to stay on.

There is the impending worries that this all looks unwatchable outsie my creativity. I want my script on running from a horrid circus school to be funny and heartfelt not all violins and ‘Xfactor sob story’

I have a song that makes my heart soar, even after being on repeat for hours. It is ‘Riversde’ by Agnes Abel.


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