Circus Help Please

I have just done a weeks circus residency and 10 minute solo performance at Jacksons Lane with 9 other companies. I will do a proper blog on soon but in this I am needing some help.

Is there anyone out there that can help with the following as it’s all new to me:

• applying for funding to develop my ideas
•Regular training space that can help me rig a low trapeze and net with plenty of floor space that doesn’t cost heaps or is offered on a pro bono basis?

• How to find a place to perform and get technical assistance

I also would love aerial training with someone who can find new ways for me to invert as I have permanent back probs. please no more of the ‘thou must do beats and pull ups or leave’ brigade. Some way I can get to the top of my net.

I was thinking due to my dodgy physique it would be lovy to do net on a winch so I could get some height without imbs.


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