Circus: regaining flexibilty

I started losing my sight and taught myself to dance with
fire. I damaged my legs and ankles and taught myself to walk en
pointe. Now I’ve decided with a lower spine as aligned as a game of
Jenga to do beginner backbends on a mission to get my feet to my
head. When I was a teenager I could back bend without ever warming
up and with my thighs on the floor, place my toes on my forehead.
Probably how I’ve ended up the human Jenga girl. While I don’t
encourage ‘have a go’ at risky things I think with lots of
research, patience and precaution things can be achieved. I have a
‘the damage is done, what’s the worst that happen?’ attitude with
my body. For the last week I have been stretching for about an hour
each morning; bits of yoga, bits of things I learnt in circus
school workshops. I warm up waist hooping. Living in a flat with
only a sofa bed and view over parks I like exercising in the
morning sun with space to move. My main goal other than feet
touching head is the splits, a lifelong wish. There is 3inches
between lady bits and floor! But It’s frustrating not getting that
bit further, I tip sideways and bend my back leg. Back bends have
given a bit of pain down one side today. I’m starting from cobra
pose as I don’t have balance from stand. I can feel wisps of my bob
haircut on my toe tips. It’s kind of a good feeling all the spline
sinking into a bend. I also like laying on my back doing straddle
splits against the wall, heels hooked over two doorframes along the
wall. I have little triumphs. Today my face touched my knees on
both legs doing a hamstring stretch, seated with one leg bent. Not
since circus school have I felt face softly touching knee with a
deep breath and no pain. Also leaning forward in a seated straddle
I can now lean forwards and get my elbows on the floor. Last week I
couldn’t move forward at all. It’s small progress but rewarding and
has got me over my constant hunger to be doing aerial or feel
miserable not hanging around.


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