Mega Stretching She-Ra update

(Sorry this has got really long…..) Amazingly I’ve kept
up my daily stretching with only one day missed to finish epic
essays on Beatniks. So heres what I’ve found with my body…
really isn’t that amazing but it is bendable. After years of physio
for a spondy (slipped backbone) and not being able to get to a low
shelf in the grocery store without clinging the shelf above and
creaking like a granny, I now have no back pain or stiffness. You’d
think arching to my limit would hurt but only the day off made me
stiff again. I can get my left foot to my head behind me! Well
kinda. It only works lying on my front, leg in a loop of webbing
and pulling it. Again there is no more pain or strain than bendin a
finger. Why does it not work without strap? My back is hardly
arched when I do this. The right leg won’t do the same. Trying to
touch head and feet by keeping thighs on floor. Arching back in
cobra, gets me nowhere. I am an inch from proper splits. I am
always and forever an inch from the splits. Seated forward bends,
one leg bent and getting face to knee on straight leg is the
greatest change in flexibility and the cosiest most lovely comfort
‘hello kneeee’ Bridges are like lifting up a wrestler with my
breasts and are mostly avoided. GOALS Get foot to head doing aerial
dance inverted. Do splits inside aerial net. Do hula hoop on foot
into an elbow stand (yeah right I wish). Keep stretching lovelies
no matter how big you are. Because kissing your own knees and
scratching your head with your toes is way better than jogging and
you get to lay down and still work out! Ta ta


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