Set backs and failings

After weeks of improving my flexibility, doing the splits and kicking my head I’ve injured my back again. Can’t even touch my toes.

Doing aerial dance as low as I do because of long term back probs I needed my flexibility to look better then a fat girl doing beginner tricks. Not that anyone is watching. Jacksons Lane was probably my last ever performance.

I can’t take classes because silks is all about climbing heights and big drops my spine can’t take.

There is nowhere to experiment at my own limits as I have to be at an ‘advanced level’ to do so. And nowhere has a loop and silks joined together which avoids me having to strain to invert which supports me tipping over.

At home the hammock frame I hang on creaks horribly I am certain it will snap and I will break my neck alone.

Why is everything always against me?


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