Literature Can Not Be a Direct Expression

So I wrote a fairly rubbish essay I was bored with arguing
about the Beat writers and how they didn’t need high priced cookie
cutter writing workshops and university to get their writing out
there. My feedback was that I was arguing for a form of writing
that is a direct form of expression and that it is hard to imagine
a situation where this would be possible! I used Allen ginsbergs
Howl as example. So Howl contains no expression? The fact it was
first known by reading aloud not in a book bore no expression? I
guess when Keats wrote poetry for Fanny Braun it was just a
marketing plan? When Sylvia Plath wrote Mirror she was just
thinking of her pay cheque and not her age? Seriously- what the
fuck? If it is impossible for writing to ever be a form of direct
expression then I sincerely hope literature is abolished as a
taught. and expensively paid for,academic subject. You see everyone
outside the ‘institution’ agreed with me that university writing
workshops sanitized literature. Of course writing this to those in
the institution with their 32k wages is never going to convince
them. I went to study literature for a bucket list experience of
using my tiny intellect and being an academic. But now that I can’t
even find the money to continue study I wonder what the point of
clinical, formally picking at literature is even for. I wish I’d
picked history and uncovered secrets, got a job at Kew Palace. But
no, I am reading books and trying to prove that I understand what
I’ve read for no outcome or reason. We aren’t even allowed to write
essays in our own style it has to rigidly fit formal criteria yet
we study essays by Adorno and Marinetti whio are still in print but
our essays must all fit the same pigeon hole. It’s confusing
because I enjoy the course, the subject matter. Going through the
Waste Land with Michael was really fascinating and the first time I
didn’t feel thick as shit at something. But do you agree? Can
writing not possibly be direct expression. Because that poem I
wrote a few blogs back was. I wrote it jnstantly in one go to
express my childhood, i wrote it to my brother not to my publusher
or audience. Yet to university lecturers this all falls


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