Circus teachers rock

It’s odd the things you ponder while hanging upside down alone. Although I’m teaching myself and cheating and low at aerial dance these days, I started thinking how every teacher I’ve had (and I was a nightmare to teach) taught me something key that I still hold on to, moves that have stuck.

Lisa taught me catchers and coffin

Bo taught me back balance on sling/aerial net- my favourite position in the world

Claire taught me footlocks that now shape everything I do on silks at home.

Cherry taught me drops to half angel and birdsnest until my footbled and I was brimming with pride.

Moira says ‘lift from your heels’ in my head every time I ever piked on trapeze

Alex taught me to do things on my own…and gazelles, bastard gazelles.

Rose got me over my fear of aerial hoop after quitting it and getting back on.

Amanda gave me the chance at what I spent years wishing I could get my hands on- spinning single point equipment, dancing, heaps of glorious spinning on and off the ground.

Damon taught my first class after another spine flare up that I could still bend backwards with his support. I didnt let go, those gazelle poses again, but I was up there on a trapeze.

Oliver taught me to laugh at myself and suddenly all my confidence returned. The secret was, everytime my feet left the ground to reach that bar in the air I simply remembered him making me laugh while spinning, trying to find his hand upside down.

I’ll probably get in trouble writing these names but it stuck in my thoughts while I hung upside down.


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