Catch up

It has been a while…

I’ve put down ‘Villette’ to give a little update on things before dressing as a clown for a photo shoot.

The whole iphoneography thing has got pretty busy but like all my endeavours is fruitless. I now have images listed on micro stock websites. Doing that has been one of those times I’ve wished the internet hadn’t been born and we all used dip pens and wore lavish frocks….

I spent lasf week back at my parents in the stix taking photos and soaking up the sun. These are the fields I grew up playing in as a child.


Not sure if I mentioned but I got some clip on lenses for the iphone – fish eye, wide angle and macro. Mostly using the macro which is amzing to my gammy eyes to see such small detail.

Elsewhere in creativeness the vintage Oscar Scgmitt arrived with all original adverts and a case. It was intended to be a resell but I’m enjoying too much. Had a bit of a jam with my dad helping me figure out songs from guitar to ‘harp. Despite 15 chords (my old black kne has 9 and no much needed ‘F’) it still doesn’t have the chords of most old songs. Still, it is very retro sounded. It was purchased in 1967 and other then dead strings is in playable condition.


All the frappachinos in this weather have left ms with the figure of a Moomin so for the last few days I have drastically changd my diet. It’s all about the blueberry breakfasts and monkey nuts. I swapped bread for cycumber on ryvita and have had zero not eaten any junk food. I only drink water and have found that fruit teas make great heart shaped ice cubes.

I’m vegetarian, have a phobia if milk, anything resembling milk like that weird soya stuff and don’t eat fish. I am severely low on vitamin D and suffer from fatigue. This makes trying to book circus classes and hope I’m not like a zombie when the time comes to lift my own weight impossible.

Luckily I have a flat with space to hula hoop so I am waist hooping 20mins every morning before breakfast. I don’t believe hooping burns fat like all the news stories claim. I do those 20 minutes without stopping; it feels no different then walking but I though hey, lets give it a go.

Standing in one place hooping with a few squats thrown in bores me. I miss having somewhere to dance and learn tricks with it.

Also in circusness in a city that I can’t use my own equipment in without my own personal rigger/insurance/set list of tricks, here’s how the aerial bandages are coming along. I want to do this higher.


Aerial Dance Breakthroughcircus, aerial fabric, aerial sling, dance

music box

I had kind of given up on this aerial silks move called music box. Every time I tried to roll my body sideways in my tiny silks it was like trying to push a house over. The strain and unsupportive strain on my back was to much and for weeks I gave up kn it.

Today I had one of those staring me in the face moments and tried it with the sling part around my upper back. And hey I can roll. It still has this horrid ‘everythings about ti dislocate’ worry but I’m real happy.

Can only manage ine and a half rotations at the moment before it strangles my leg.

It’s weird how aerial fabric can look so soft yet turn into razors when moving in it.

Wish I had more space.

The sit n do nothing festival

Regents Street is closed to traffic for its Summer festival. Quite honestly I’ve had more fun peeling the shell off a boiled eggs.

Basically all I’ve seen is various things to sit on in the road- astroturf, bales, deck chairs. Guess thats great if you like sitting squashed against strangers when London’s biggest park is a walk away.

There is a pop up bars- more places to sit and spend £5 on a pint ( I don’t drink).

There was a man playing with a giant football (I don’t like football).

There’s a big red bus stage but the crowd is so dense you can’t see what is being performed to Willy Wonka sounding music.

A few weeks ago I came to the Gumball 300 race here and that was also huge heaps of people just, well, doing nothing.

A few years back Regent Street used every nook and roof top for dazzling circus performers with feathers raining on the crowd. It was delightful.

This is just ‘come and sit around’. Having grown up playing in open fields and marshlands, sitting next to some traffic lights on astro turf doesn’t appeal. Ironically even with the road close you still have to move like a herd of cattle… Or sit down and do nothing.

Hmmm how to liven up the rest of my Sunday?

London to myself

If you want London at it’s quietest but still full of curiosity I suggest walking from Parliament along Millbank to Pimlico on a weekend evening.

The Thames runs along the left hand side with its jigsaw skyline of modern and shabby architecture and older buildings run along your right.

The pavements were empty except a few joggers and women in elaborate silks asking me directions to an Asian wedding.







Photography getting techy

So I’ve been meaning to blog about my decelopments in creating photo inagery for a while now but am busy forever tapping my iphone screen, editting photos to get it done.

Without getting like a tutorial I just wanted to mention things I’ve discovered about using my well dropped and old iphone 4s for photography and the creation of shoots. Sorry if this is all quite obvious and I’m like the last person to learn how to take a photo.

It’s actually quite calm and methodical for someone like me that has only ever worked to her own schedule on impulsive creative projects.

I also wanted to mention how doing pin up or burlesque style images can be more affordable than bankruptcy for rhinestones.

I do everything myself from hand stitching props to uploading the best shots. If you create the shape you want, expression and pose you can nail it. No one is looking at all the nappy pins behind you holding it all together. I always thing onstage I’m a whir of saggy boobs and double chins. This is the joy of photography – the world sees you in one clear, poised image. You have utter control like making yourself a painting.

The main piece of equipment essential for this is a self timer camera. The iphones basic camera app doesn’t include one so I use KingCamera which can time up to 30 seconds before the smimage is captured- enough time to move into position for full body poses.

The next issues is the need of a tripod. My budget can’t stretch so it’s always a matter of piling suitcases to get the right angle.


This is my studio area (I only own a futon and trapeze rig so no furniture is great). This was a test shot to see if I could pose in the wallpapered space.

I quickly found that the front facing camera has really low resolution. Using the back camera means walking across the room after every single shot, checking the image and placing it back again to walk back and hopefully get in position in 30 seconds. The timer seems to have no sound so it’s hard in a tight corset in an arabesque pose hoping you’ve posed still long enough.

Yes I could find someone to model but I’m always pushing what my own image can be.

I like the preparation of hair and makeup, painfully precarious costumes. It’s like preparing for theatre and just the same I find I need quiet to do this, to morph in to what I could draw or sculpt but instead I capture.

Regarding editting it has to hands down be the Photogene app. It’s like photoshop in your pocket, as I don’t have broadband or wifi at hand, but with the added extra of photo presets that aren’t just based on paint affects. It is brilliant for vintage and aged photos. The clone tool is a bit haphazard. I found that often the blur tool does a better job at smoothing skin and imperfections.

Below is a before and after using photogene and I’m kind of amazed if that’s not too vain.



The only real expense was the corset I wear but already owned, every good burlesque or goth should have one to hand for all occasions. Everything else I just sculpted around me from a primark dress and stash of chiffon. But I think the tinting and light effects from editing really turn the fabric into something else.

So if like me you think the iphone is the most pants camera ever (my old galaxy mini had a better camera) my advice is to start fiddling with apps and take selfies to die for -get creative with it and it’ll surprise you.