The sit n do nothing festival

Regents Street is closed to traffic for its Summer festival. Quite honestly I’ve had more fun peeling the shell off a boiled eggs.

Basically all I’ve seen is various things to sit on in the road- astroturf, bales, deck chairs. Guess thats great if you like sitting squashed against strangers when London’s biggest park is a walk away.

There is a pop up bars- more places to sit and spend £5 on a pint ( I don’t drink).

There was a man playing with a giant football (I don’t like football).

There’s a big red bus stage but the crowd is so dense you can’t see what is being performed to Willy Wonka sounding music.

A few weeks ago I came to the Gumball 300 race here and that was also huge heaps of people just, well, doing nothing.

A few years back Regent Street used every nook and roof top for dazzling circus performers with feathers raining on the crowd. It was delightful.

This is just ‘come and sit around’. Having grown up playing in open fields and marshlands, sitting next to some traffic lights on astro turf doesn’t appeal. Ironically even with the road close you still have to move like a herd of cattle… Or sit down and do nothing.

Hmmm how to liven up the rest of my Sunday?


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