Catch up

It has been a while…

I’ve put down ‘Villette’ to give a little update on things before dressing as a clown for a photo shoot.

The whole iphoneography thing has got pretty busy but like all my endeavours is fruitless. I now have images listed on micro stock websites. Doing that has been one of those times I’ve wished the internet hadn’t been born and we all used dip pens and wore lavish frocks….

I spent lasf week back at my parents in the stix taking photos and soaking up the sun. These are the fields I grew up playing in as a child.


Not sure if I mentioned but I got some clip on lenses for the iphone – fish eye, wide angle and macro. Mostly using the macro which is amzing to my gammy eyes to see such small detail.

Elsewhere in creativeness the vintage Oscar Scgmitt arrived with all original adverts and a case. It was intended to be a resell but I’m enjoying too much. Had a bit of a jam with my dad helping me figure out songs from guitar to ‘harp. Despite 15 chords (my old black kne has 9 and no much needed ‘F’) it still doesn’t have the chords of most old songs. Still, it is very retro sounded. It was purchased in 1967 and other then dead strings is in playable condition.


All the frappachinos in this weather have left ms with the figure of a Moomin so for the last few days I have drastically changd my diet. It’s all about the blueberry breakfasts and monkey nuts. I swapped bread for cycumber on ryvita and have had zero not eaten any junk food. I only drink water and have found that fruit teas make great heart shaped ice cubes.

I’m vegetarian, have a phobia if milk, anything resembling milk like that weird soya stuff and don’t eat fish. I am severely low on vitamin D and suffer from fatigue. This makes trying to book circus classes and hope I’m not like a zombie when the time comes to lift my own weight impossible.

Luckily I have a flat with space to hula hoop so I am waist hooping 20mins every morning before breakfast. I don’t believe hooping burns fat like all the news stories claim. I do those 20 minutes without stopping; it feels no different then walking but I though hey, lets give it a go.

Standing in one place hooping with a few squats thrown in bores me. I miss having somewhere to dance and learn tricks with it.

Also in circusness in a city that I can’t use my own equipment in without my own personal rigger/insurance/set list of tricks, here’s how the aerial bandages are coming along. I want to do this higher.


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