Back to the Cabarethoop, dance, training, choreography

I had a rare moment of not feeling like a sloth to start plotting my hoop comeback. Below is the video an hour in to devising.

The idea is going to be more twisted burlesque than fat 30 something.

Luckily, living in a charity apartment block for the visually impaired there is a huge empty room with water cooler, free wifi, punch bag and er a mobility scooter? No one ever uses it except to access the laundry room. Sxcept the woman walking through the video, more than likely on purpose. She works here and always talks to me like something she trod in. Ho-hum..

.hoop devising

I’m starting recording from where in the song i start hooping and also when the music breaks down I’m just plotting other moves I didn’t have height for.

At this stage it’s mostly just mapping out the song in my memory.
But I’m happy it is progressing from just a thought. I hope to find a scratch night or newbie slot to test it out and will post development here.


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