I got healthiererer

A few weeks back I went back home to rather disbelievingly discover I had become 13st.

I had always been 11st when doing circus training every other day. The weird thing about my early days of trapeze was that I went from 10 to 11st shockingly quick but dropped two dress sizes. Even my teachers commented I had lost loads of weight but inside I was thinking ‘i’ve put it on!’

Injuries and drastically cutting back on training over the years have left me replacing pike pull ups with chocolate.

So in a ‘I think this is bollox’ attitude I started hula hooping daily to see what the hype was compared to using it for performin. I replaced all my tricks from performing with only spinning the hoop on my waist and lower hips for 15 minutes as soon as I got out of bed.

For someone that dances with hoops this is tedious but I’ve stuck with it. I like the repetition of it contacting my body and the fact that I can do it as easy as breathing after so many years but still break into a sweat. I do it with the radio talk shows on between the 15min news breaks.

Also I swiftly changed my diet to be mostly fruit, veg and nuts. A typical day of eating for me used to be like this;

2x egg mayo sandwiches from tescos (about 1200 cals)
Chocolate bar
A family sized pizza with salad and half a garlic baguette.
A big bag of cadburys giant buttons before bed.

Not hard to see where I was going wrong!

Luckily for me I love fresh fruit and crunchy raw veg so the change hasn’t been too hard but the biggest surprise has been that without all the cheese and sugars I no longer crave junk food and am rarely hungry.

A typical day for me now is:
Breakfast (always used to skip). – fruit, today banana and plums. (I am awake quite late in the morning only a few hours before lunch)
Lunch- Pumpkin seed Ryvita with humous and cucumber (i’m slightly addicted to cucumber chunks)

Dinner- quorn stir fry and rice and veg

Snacks- monkey nuts mmmm monkey nuts, used to eat them in primary school every day, fruit.

I’ve lost nearly a stone in 3 1/2 weeks. I use a calorie counter app:My Plate.

But….i have also pigged out on Tops vegi hot pizza and the odd frappacino with whipped cream, a pret cheese baguette here and there. Tonight I’m eating cookies after being on mg feet for 5 hours. Although chocolate actually tastes dull to me now I don’t eat it with every meal. I don’t believe in omitted foods or labelling foods as ‘bad’ or ‘sins’ or I will end up with an unhealthy relationship with food. But compared to how I used to eat I feel good about what I’ve changed.

Tips-cutting out fizzy drinks is obvious but in the hot weather (it’s now bucketing down with rain) making ice cubes from fruit and herbal tea is so refreshing.

– Eat dinner in a small bowl like how you would have noodles, if having veggie curries or stews. It looks like a heap of food but less than you’d fill a plate with.

– Eat regularly. Sounds obvious but my doctor told me I was going so long without food during busy days that my body had gone into emergency mode and was storing all the fat because it had no idea when the next meal was coming.

– if you hate exercise find something to do thats active but you enjoy too much to think about it as getting fit. Take the dogs for a long walk, dance like it’s still the 90’s, find a class in something you know you are awful at but makes you laugh at yourself trying.

What are you’re tips and advice for cutting down on the cake binges and keeping active without it becoming a chore.


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