I wrote songs

This time last year I left my village to a houseshare of mottled strangers, an angry landlord and oncoming Autumn in suburbia. I wrote songs. These are my 2 favourites written for autoharp and guitar.
Like all my lyrics they plop out my head without decision or planning.

Clockwork Orange Smile:

A Clockwork Orange,film and novel, are a love of mine. I learnt to read the slang and speak it without ever looking at the glossary. The name is a cockney saying for queer/weird -‘as queer as a clockwork orange’.
I had a friend that reminded me of Alex’s impish smile, the film stills are on my wall.


Oh my brothers, my droogs my kin,
Can we hang up this mess that I’m in?
With pegs and dew and rope in the mornin’/mourning,
Til I forget where I have been

Oh Alex! I still need you,
To fix my heart of cogs and springs,
So that I can smile like clockwork,
And forget what I have seen

Hold me tight and lie that you miss me,
I will not be,
Back again?

Oh a little ‘ultra-violence’ never was a ‘real horrorshow’
Hold me tight and lie that you’ll miss me

I am left just holding to your clockwork orange smile

The second song is crossbone but actually I think I’ll write that song in another post, has a lot of historical London attached to it.

Ta ta x


2 thoughts on “I wrote songs

    1. Lynsey

      You should get them published. This isn’t a poem, its a folk song mostly referencing the book more than the film and is sang in a kind of shanty rhythm

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