Trapeze No Butoh? Disco?aerial dance, trapeze, expression, movement,

Today has been a strange one. I came across a spider in my den; my biggest fear, I finished Villette and ate pain au chocolate in a convent. For those that have read/seen Jane Eyre, Villette is the most epic, cynical self depricating mourning of lonliness and love through one womans eyes-just epic!

Joan Rivers has died today and horrifically a pensioner has been beheaded in the city of ours. I have met a brilliant tenant and laughed with my dad.

But my mission today was to hold my own weight in my arms again. The trapeze has kissed me black and blue but I got there, assisted by the ropes, blink and you’ll miss it.

This video is the moment I feel I finally got my ‘trapeze’ back, unexpected, only a few seconds but there. And I’m talking to you’s although living alone I do talk aloud way too much.
trapeze triumps

Then I wanted to get back to movement over tricks so took up the idea of moving to whatever the radio played. I chose Absolute 60s.

I have no idea where my Butoh intentions went but fast music doesn’t mix well. It’s interesting to see how like a girl I am with the bluegrass song. I grew up in rural England and throughout the first song all I saw was golden hay bales in my imagination.

The second song I sort of disregard any timing to and theres hesitations and calculating rather than hay and hey-hoy

Here you are readers:

trapeze to unknown music


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