Lyra day 3- Pain and Rental

Captains Log:
Hoop day 3 -pain, presumed loss of genitals. Straight leg is meant to be same angle as arm but it unbareably hurts. Get a big man to stamp on your inner thigh it’s akin to that…oo yeah aerial’s so pretty….maybe it would hurt less to not repeatedly try and roll sideways out of it to hang ‘prettily beneath the circle. ‘Rolling around a metal bar of rough tape is like bathing in sandpaper.

Still I get back on: the enticement of aerial dance.


If anyone out there beyond Lyraland is reading- how do I fix my frame in this pic from creaking? It creaks so loud that the deaf lady upstairs puts her gospel on up loud.

I am willing to offer free use of this hoop, an aerial net and 10 m of low stretch aerial silks (good for yoga) in return for space to train. The only prerequisite is adjustable riggle so i can work low to the ground. Im in London/Surrey border.

PS- if the miracle of space is offered you must be ok with me occassionaly in odd dresses and doing my own thing with my headphones in working on routines (I have the terrible habbit of listening to one song on repeat forever )

Ariadne x


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