Mrs Ramsay

I have to write 1500 on an extract of Virginia’s To the Lighthouse and how it constructs the Subject and after 300 I am stuck. It is not because I don’t know but because I know I have to support my findings with Descartes and Lacan. I haven’t read them even though I know their theories on self, desire and ‘other’. I am stumped into not writing by the fact I actually have something To write, it just isn’t academic enough.

The extract is of Mrs Ramsay entering the room her husband is reading in and she knows she wants something but cant tell what. She is a sway of tiredness and longing in her subconcious and her husband just pretends to read retraining his temper.

She remembers words of poetry recited at dinner and they take away her thoughts of others:

And all the lives we ever lived and all the lives to be are full of trees
and changing leaves.

I found the poem;

Luriana Lurilee” by Charles Elton
Come out and climb the Garden path Luriana, Lurilee.

The China rose is all abloom And buzzing with the yellow bee. We’ll swing you on the cedar bough, Luriana, Lurilee.

I wonder if it seems to you, Luriana, Lurilee,
That all the lives we ever lived And all the lives to be,
are full of trees and changing leaves, Luriana, Lurilee.

How long it seems since you and I, Luriana, Lurilee,
Roamed in the forest where our kind Had just begun to be,
And laughed and chattered in the flowers, Luriana, Lurilee.

How long since you and I went out, Luriana,Lurilee,
To see the Kings go riding by
Over lawn and daisy lea,
With their palm leaves and cedar sheaves, Luriana, Lurilee.
Swing, swing, swing on a bough, Luriana, Lurilee,

Till you sleep in a humble heap
Or under a gloomy churchyard tree, And then fly back to swing on a bough, Luriana, Lurilee.

And for an hour the rhythm stays in my head while I spin hung on my blue steel hoop and still the essay does not get written.


One thought on “Mrs Ramsay

  1. sara

    hi lynsey, if i were u i’d type the non academic essay then tweek it to be academic, that way u r progressing if not 100% straight away. hope that helps. gd luck xx

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