This isnt really a blog its a technology iphone cry for help…..

….. a plea for help before I fling this iphone out a bus window……oh no London buses don’t have open windows anymore….

Before I rant read Nadja, the greatest love story ever by Andre Breton of a crazy girl that latches on to an older married man, livesby chances and symbols in Paris, doesn’t work, goes mad, lives for him… it its short and has pictures. Read it!

So basically I have an iphone still on an ancient ios and 3email accounts.

I got a friend that works with video games , so theoretically taps buttons a lot,to delete and fiddle and smooth out years of stuff before moving to Japan. (Not me, my Japanese Butoh, Lolita dressing days are still a pipe dream).

So now every time I send an email through a contact it only sends from the one account I don’t want to use and the other account that is personal is getting dozens and dozens of fake paypal and skype messages. I know theyre fake- they’re sent from my address. The inboxes of all 3 are now one big inbox and I’m so lost….

So I download skype and use the account from like a decade back and it has 10 requests- 3 of people I actually know and the rest are all blank profiles with names far crappier than Ariadne.

How do I delete a skype account?

If I just update the whole phone will everything cleanly go away? And thats another thing it says I have no space to update so if I do I have to will i never have space for anything else? Backing up content before doing it means I’ve no effing idea where the backups saved….

Gives up. I’m going snood shopping. I want snoods for my injured neck.

P.s- i spoke lots in class today, ranted about the death of Camden, possibly whispered and laughed about but i’m doing my essay on Nadja and haunted cities- by memories not dead people. And there’s some weird little glimmer like a bit of grit in my shoe as I walk the makes me think I love circus, somewhere, far down.


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