MA Literature- I suck….

I got another ‘A for attempt Z for writing terribly dfeedback on my assignment. Even that sentence is lacking the grammer that typing with one finger on an iphone makes me not bother with.

I bought an aerial hoop and dislecated my shoulder snagging my cane on the pavement.

I signed up for tightwire and tore the ligament in my ankle tripping in the street.

I spent 3 years studying theatrical costume to be told by my teacher I will never get employed or be asked to make a costume.

I owe 27k on that failure of a 2:1 degree in doing trapeze and painting my friends eyes black.

Why would I be any good at Literature?

Look at Joyce- infamous and study the world over and utterly allowed to write that someone ‘eight’ food. But write anything that isn’t the Exact Academic Critical form of a student essay and you are shit.

Dance on a trapeze under 8ft high and be told you are shit or more precisely ‘you are not doing trapeze’

And I know I write terribly. They say my work is too fragmented…..what like ‘Blast’ or William Carlos William’s poetry that is simply what it is, not hidden meanings or there for analysis?

I need to back up my ideas with others who had the same ideas already and got them published. But what if I have a new idea? And everyone is explaining others ideas over and over why write essays at all? Why not just hand in a reading list with ‘I aggree with them’ written over it?

I just don’t see the point in it.

And to top it off my neighbour got a trapeze rig built from scaffold in her flat for £20. Something ive wanted for years and will cost me £200 in bits. All the indoor rigs cost 100s but are too fucking narrow to do any stretched out poses in.

Everything is just bollox. Yes university of westiminster- bollox- its a term us essex iliterate plebs use when nothing by Chaucer fits the feeling.


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