Garage Band-Unseen songs

Life has taken a strange musical twist.
For the last few weeks I have been joining a music jam led by a volunteer professional run by the charity that housed me.
Initially I thought this might be lots of blind people singing wheels on the bus with tamborines, you get where I’m coming from…
The first session made me cry drom being put on the spot to play my guitar asked to instantly make up something with the same unknown notes the others played on piano, flute and guitar. Other than some desperate busking and learning chords and bottle neck with my dad I’ve never played with musicians. I don’t know notes scales or keys on a guitar despite reading sheet music since the age of 6. Songs just tumble out the strings.

But it got me playing again. The horror of jamming with other when I come from the school of Blind Willie Johnson and Jack White and they play woodwind by ear, made me crave sitting under a tree screeching my own songs that I haven’t stopped.

The workshop leader is fantastic and his knowledge is what made me go back for another try.

Also an amazing neighbour set up her mic’s and mixing desk and with lots of effects singing became haunting and effortless. We sounded like that Siren Song in The Lovely Bones movie. And it just happened: we stood up and without any discussion formed a song with lyrics That fell out.

Then I got garage band. Yesterday I found five people developing a scrap of one of my songs. And me singing, terribly, but singing. You see my talking voice is huge but when I sing its tiny and fragile and cant be pushed over 5 instruments. But hey, it happened.

Not content with my idea composed of mixed piano presets I snuck in the communal lounge after closing and with lots of swearing at siri on the ipad, taught myself piano chords. Then I had every note from the presets to put in order!

Tonight I’ve half a song. Strings were added and again, I wasn’t happy with tapping pre-arranged chords so set the app to the individual cello strings. Hunting and hunting only having a screen with 4 strings I have found the notes that match the piano!

It’s getting there……..


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