A year of gratitude

In an ‘I won a BAFTA’ gushing speech I just want to say thanks to those that made my year.

I’m very busy with essays and aerial dance/music projects at the mo and so this blogging’s gone a bit thin. The London writing will be published in some vague future date.

So i want to thank;

arthur Beales chandlery for providing small but super strong and super priced rigging pieces so my equipments higher.

steve the scaffolder for making me a rig and drilling holes out of generosity.

Robert for his music knowledge and giving his free time to share it.

Alice, Gary, Natalie, Helen, Dave and Hosheem for music gathering, instruments, Iranian fudge and green tea. Here’s to the project up our sleeves.

Alex and Katherine at Hangar Arts Trust for letting me be Mr Hyde and not putting a circus restraining order or a straight jacket on me. In some unexplainable way I love you both.

Al for letting trapeze hang from a banister.

The Thomas Pocklington Trust for giving me my first non shared home beside Richmond Park. And all here who have made me welcome.
Ellen for reappearing in my city for reminiscing and the title for my demo album title.

claire Cunningham for her advice and an amazing performance of Guide Gods

Micheal Nath for opening my brain to modernist Literature my dear darling ‘Percy’ Wyndham Lewis and T S Eliot.

Jackson’s Lane team for letting me somehow blag my way as a circus performer and finally create my aerial thing in a real theatre.

Lito for photography my pointe shoes.

Mill Mead studios for letting me stomp like an elephant en pointe in their studio.

London Dance Academy for the best studio rates and easy rigging height and lovely studio I’ve got to spin upside down in

Jeordie (Twiggy Ramirez) for the song that started the idea and saying It was cool to use it.

David for still being David.


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