Dissertation time

Although I don’t submit my dissertation until January all of us literature students were asked to submit our dissertation topics.

The dissertation of my undergraduate degree was written in a week after I discovered circus school was far more seductive than sewing frocks.

Hearing what the others are focusing on are all making me wish I had thought of that. Each has chosen a novel or character, Ulysses, Holmes.

My respinse was; I said to myself I would do T S Eliot but I’m fascinated by modernism, memory, Iain Sinclair (can’t put City of Disappearances down despite it being from a past module) and London, I want to do lots of research within the city (e.g snooping through archives of forgotten letters and forgotten streets)!

My poor tutors,,,,

Tonight we had an interesting lecture in the research of spiritualism and the discourse of the occult in the sciences. This has soarked my thinking and thrown another tangent into my dissertation ideas. You see As much as Modernist literature and all its anarchies excite me, I’ve spent my entire life fascinated with the 19th century, its oddities and darker sides. I could not remain in this city if every visual remain of that century were removed. The lecture also reminded me of my teenage research into Borley Rectory hauntings, harry Price and the association of poltergeists with young girls.

Ooooo what to decide?


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