Selfies are not false

So seemingly the only non intellectual on my literature course that uses social media I became quite silently flustered by a comment in class the other day about capturing who people are in photography.

A girl said that girls who put on lots of make up and post selfies on facebook are false to her. She then went on to say her gran back in the day had to make so much effort and stand still for ages for a photo….what just as fake then?

Sorry but I wear heaps of makeup, wigs, random objects on my head. I am not being false.

I am showing who I REALLY am! The real me beneath this scabbed scarred overweight hulk the Real me is lugged around jn.

Maybe us girls in all our slap and lace eyelashes are not being false but showing our inner selves at their stunning best. Maybe we are sharing because we want our Real friends we’ve known a lifetime to see us at our most beautiful. While we are out of reach.

These are all the real me I am many things. The Ghost of vorticism, the friend, the lyra dancer, the clown, the damaged legs en point. None of these girls are pretending.







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