I found a Dissertation Title! 

It’s been in my head a while I thought it was naff ( probably is) and was adamant I would do it my beloved Wyndham Lewis and Blast II. 

Last week I thought I would do A Clockwork Orange as that was the book that made me think I must do something with all my reading and study. Little did I know (and I know little of most things) that study literature is 99.9% making anything and everything about capitalism or objectifying women! I hoped it would be all gushing about characters over coffee and…..well yes I know the worlds moved on since Brideshead Revisited but I thought I’d have one book loving tweed wearing friend. 

Think of all the Vivienne Westwood shoes I could’ve got for this course fee.  Don’t let uni see that sentence, they aren’t big on girls that ‘dress up for hours and take pictures of themselves.’

So, all the full timers are probably well into their dissertations by now but as I don’t submit mine until January (never to return again), I let indecision reign. 

Every night my pretending to be deaf neighbour whoops and hollers like a voodoo hunsi raising spirits and my head throbs and the essays aren’t touched. 

So I sat in my canal boat sized kitchen on the floor, back injured shoulders against one cupboard, knees pressed against the opposite cupboard. And I read the wasteland aloud again. I like changing accents and doing the cockney/Essex for the pub scene ‘goonight’….

It is probably the only literary thing in my thought Every day as I cross the Thames. 

So here’s my draft title uni will probably nit- pick and make me feel thick for. 



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