30 Days of Loving Life

revving engines putting this blog back in gear. I’ve been so busy since the new year working on my aerial dance business start up which has still not started to trade. 
I also fell totally out of love with literature thanks to uni using the C word every other sentence – Capitalism. They could make Noddy be about capitalism…well I guess someone had to make his little red car. Capitalism and death and poverty and suicide of old men with allotments make Aruadne a despondant student. In the end even my doctor genuinely said to stjck at aerial dance and take a sabbatical from study. 

In four months I’ve written 1003 words of the 12k i have ti in my essays. This is mostly down to having an elserly, feigning deafness, dementia, blind neighbour starting most of my days with migraines orvmuscle fatigue snapped from deep sleep to semi concious from her booming voice and nights of banging anything percussive. 

So 30 Days of Loving Life appeared in my head one morning. I thought I woyld challenge myself to find and appreciate something great in every day. This can be the tiniest friviolity to the life altering. 

Im in day 8 and despite the stress and hectic life of city living have shared the things i’ve loved. It makes you realise hey at I still did…saw that….met them. 

And now I want others to like my facebook page and share what you loved about today. 

The page is here https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=733714506751998&id=730820647041384