Alexander Palace

Fishmongers with knitted glittery fish displayed like the real thing was not something I expected to see on my Saturday. 

Having attended the Knitting and Stitching Show for several decades now I think this years exhibitors were some of the most unique and inspiring for combining art with textiles. 

While you can pick up all the yarn and sewjng machines you would expect at a stitchy trade show, there are some really luxuries to purchase. 

Today is the last day to pop along so if you are intending to and times lacking I recommend visiting the smaller hall near the palm court. Here you will find hand dyed silks and spun yarn. This is also where the textile art exhibition pieces are. Another highlight of eccentric sewing were the couple making large breasts, bulging bellies and pubic hair as over size, fabric wall hangings. This has inpired me to make ceramic saggy boob and overweight body parts.  There was also the most intricately perfect embriodery from Japan and photographic insects. 

I bought recycled sari fabric asmy last   stage costume was made from it. I also bought some blue handmade felt and silk threads to embroider something again to Mellies A Trip to the Moon silent film. 


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