A Public Letter to Thomas Pocklington Trust

Following the Radio 4 interview I was talking on and raised some excellent questions to the trust I am openly sharing my response. 
Dear Keith,
In a follow up to the Radio 4 interview I would like to ask why you think losing me my home will help the employment and transport access of residents?
I am self employed and working, despite having to put my performance career and studies on hold from conditions living here. 
I am healthy, have no intention of having children that require more space and working just like the tenants at Lodge. 
It is brilliant that you are helping blind people with employment needs but I had to give up everything I had invested in my future because of my health deteriorating as a direct result of Nigel Colbert’s management of a tenant with dementia. 
I can not believe you had the audacity to use [name witheld]on air as a reason 47 others shouldn’t be here. Maybe you could have recognised over a year ago that you needed a plan for someone blind with dementia that you are leaving alone scared and lost every night. 
I am not eligible for any London borough housing registers. I have heard nothing on my case. I can not even go to my home county as I have not been living there. To move back to rural Essex means my nearest hospital is an hour and a half journey by two buses. It costs £50 to get to London in the morning and I would never be able to perform as I would finish too late to get the last train. How independant and ‘making my own future’ is that?
You mention transport in this area as an access issue- it is 24 hours a day and free! I am from a rural area where buses and trains are once an hour and stop at 8p.m, have unstaffed inaccessible stations and no audio onboard buses. Moving to Roehampton was my independence. 
I came to this city to be a performer and a scholar no matter how blond yet you have compromised, possibly ended that. I am now undergoing Councelling (I was also denied by your management) and am facing homelessness. 
I currently live in a studio that has everything I require and can afford. I have support and security I will lose. 
Tell me why Thomas Pocklington Trust LTD has taken everything I have the independence for and should have the ability to continue. 
The manager tells me he doesn’t think you have compromised my future in any way. 
Why should lots here have to be moved because A few are ill? You don’t even pay for our support, outside funding does. 
If the building is not suitable then where does the sum of around £48k a month from us go exactly?
Why was I not housed at Lodge in the first place as a young working woman? Why are tenants here being suggested the Lodge as part of their rehousing but others are not?
Lynsey Weaver

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