Hot Sunday

As usual the entirety of Summer has decended on London. I have neither tiny shorts, tiny children or tiny dogs but headed back to Chiswick house. Despite the odd snooty comments from snooty ones, it is the most gorgeously peaceful park and gardens of peaceful lazy afternoons in London. 

If you love the film Atonement or books like The Thirteenth Tale then this location evokes a similar setting. It is a plaace full of pic-nicers and family ball games, winding paths and secluded spots to relax. 

The hot weather is heavy with the smells of car seats, outside meals, sweat and sunscreen and purfumed by intoxicating flowers and blossom. 

For a while I read Zelda Fitzgerald bare foot on the grass then decided to walk to the river without a map. 

The pathless road was blocked with parked cars and traffic squashing me between them. The Thames path was flooded. I walked the scorching motorway and got the first bus to Richmond. The accordionist at the station played the Amelie soundtrack. 

i think by then the sun hand got me as I got a bus to Hammersmith, panicked at Kew it was the wrong way and headed to Kew station. The district line broke. So I got a bus, a 30 min wait back to Richmond. Then another bus back to Hammersmith.this all took about three hours. So tiring and hot and with no one to chat to. No one talks to strangers in London except for directiond. 


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